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DNAge-Lab ® Inc. was founded in 1994 to focus on to produce the human placenta for implant.

The Company’s mission is become into the leader in the selection of healthy pregnant women. This must of being the first time that has children, of 18 to 25 years old, not have congenital diseases, without tattoos or piercing, balanced feeding before and during pregnancy.

The DNAge-Lab ®’s Medical Engineering Department uses a combination of high-technology and fundamental engineering principles to refine implant designs and develop more efficient product

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  • ReGeNeRaTe-SG®

    Most of the 300 trillion cells that make up the human body are fully specialized for particular functions in organs such as the heart or the brain, or in tissues like muscle, fat and bone. Others play a supply or defensive role in the blood...

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Patients applying for financial assistance from ReGeNeRaTe ® Foundation must demonstrate need. Individuals or families with incomes up to four times the minimum wage may apply for assistance. Patients requesting financial assistance will be required to complete an application and provide any necessary information.

ReGeNeRaTe ® Foundation’s Board of Directors will review the completed application, will verify incomes for to confirm financial need and grant assistance on a first come first serve basis, to the extent that funding is available. If assistance is available, payments will be sent directly to the laboratories, hospitals, medical supply vendors or organizations providing treatment upon receipt of bills or other documentation.

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ReGeNeRaTe ® Foundation


“Improve the quality of life and cure diseases that could be treated with adult stem cell therapy.”


“Make the stem cell therapy accessible to patients with severe medical conditions when no other alternative treatments are available. ReGeNeRaTe ® Foundation will educate the public in regard to stem cell research and its therapy.”


  • ReGeNeRaTe ® Foundation’s main priority is to improve quality of life for patients with severe medical conditions.
  • Stem cell therapy should be available to everyone regardless of financial position, race or religion.
  • The public should be educated on stem cell therapy and its availability to treat several medical conditions.
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Fundación ReGeNeRaTe ® ahora en Latinoamérica

  • La Fundación ReGeNeRaTe ® tiene como principal objetivo mejorar la calidad de vida de las personas que lo necesiten y se encuentren en condiciones difíciles de salud.
  • Los avances obtenidos por la investigación de las celulas troncales deberían estar disponibles para todas las personas, sin importar su posición económica, raza o religión.
  • El público debería ser enterado sobre las nuevas y más recientes técnicas en terapias con células troncales y su disponibilidad.
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